Acetic acid bacteria (AAB)

are oxidative bacteria, which originate from sugary and alcoholic habitats. They regularly live in matrix-embedded communities with yeasts and lactic acid bacteria forming a metabolic body with sophisticated metabolic and spatial interaction. The use of acetic acid bacteria (AAB) in ancient traditional processes is a cultural heritage all over the world. Above a great variety of vinegars produced upon exploitation of their oxidative metabolic capacities, they contribute to kombucha, water kefir or cocoa fermentation and many more. Specific metabolic capacities, namely incomplete oxidation reactions or polysaccharide production, are further used in biotechnological processes for the production of (precursors of) pharmaceutical and food compounds. The growing industrial production and awareness of health from nutrition stipulates a deeper look into all aspects of the fermentations with acetic acid bacteria. The resulting science-based understanding of nutritionally enhanced, sensorially improved vinegar and beverages products with enhanced flavour, shelf life and added value functions explains traditions and fosters industrial developments of the otherwise irreproducible quality of artisanal foods. Novel biotechnological processes enable production of natural food ingredients as well as pharmaceutical compounds.

The aim of this conference

is the thorough understanding of the AAB biodiversity, lifestyle, interaction with matrix, environment, and microbial communities in their plant, animal and invertebrate hosts to preserve the variety of ancient processes and design novel applications. It will aim to divulgate, to both scientific community and vinegar as well as biotechnology industries, the most recent developments in scientific research on acetic acid bacteria, from a microbiological, biochemical, molecular, biological, technological and consumer point of view.

The conference follows a successful series of international conferences on acetic acid bacteria held in Italy (2005 - Paolo Giudici), Japan (2008 - Kazunobu Matsushita), Spain (2012 - Isidoro García) and 2015 (Taiyuan - Fusheng Chen).